Always trying to see the good….

Remember Disney’s “Pollyanna,” back in the day? I was a little girl, just exactly the kind that film was made for and marketed to, and of course I loved it. I loved it again when my daughter was small and we watched it together, and now and then if I find it in progress on the tube, I’ll pick it up. It’s sweet. Some would say sappy, but it is sweet, and it has helped me try to ‘keep sweet,’ as I heard when I was living in the South. I happen to think that’s a better way of saying it than ‘be nice,’ if you know what I mean?

So I do try to keep sweet. There are a lot of people who blog happy day moments or count gifts or any number of other things that all mean the same thing: looking for something good in each day. Some days that’s harder than others, but if you look for good, you can usually find it. I don’t want to be Pollyanna, but I want to be as upbeat as I can, especially when, like now, I am fighting the blues.

And with that in mind, and this month nearly over, here, in no particular order, are the things I am ‘glad’ about.

First of all, I am glad I attempted the ‘Write 500 words a day’ challenge. It’s what brought me here. And, as expected, it has inspired other writing and other ideas for writing (not least of which is resurrecting another blog I started a while back, a kitchen blog, to tie in with the cookbook I’m writing.) I may not always know what I’m going to write when I come to this blog every day, but I haven’t missed a single day. It has, in that respect, been as good for me as NaNoWriMo was and is: a springboard, tapping into creativity and reminding me just how much I love to write.

Second, though I had a really rotten cold earlier this month, which has made me lazier than I should have been or intended to be–my energy has begun to return this week–I am glad that it was the first such respiratory ANYthing I’ve had in almost a year. That is a huge thing for someone with my health history, and it reinforces my decision to make a life change last spring. It was the right move, and I expect more good things will come of it, and pray that as it seems so far, a lot less illness goes along with it.

I am glad to be surrounded by people who love me, both here in this house and this town, and in the larger circle that is the Internet–friends from bygone days whose company I enjoy just as much as I did in those days (mostly school, several different schools) and friends from all around the world that I may never meet, but that are very precious to me. I reminded my Daddy the other night that when he had major heart surgery a year and a half ago, he had people praying for him–for all of us–from places as far away as Japan and England and South Africa and Australia. And I am equally glad to be able to pray in return when it is needed, to share in joys and sorrows for others. John Mellencamp sang it best, “everyone needs a hand to hold onto.”

I am glad that a few problems I am dealing with right now are from an excess of things, not a lack of. It makes me grateful for so much, makes me know how lucky I am. (The thing to do is take that excess and share it, everywhere it’s needed, anywhere it’s wanted.)

I am glad for little things, too…..chocolate, good books, wonderful music….even things as simple as fresh cold water with lots of ice and a slice of lemon. Wool socks. Warm blankets and clean sheets. Blossoming African violets. Cuddly puppies. My daughter’s smile, and my husband’s laughter. Knitting, sewing, and the plans for more things to knit and sew.

And I am so glad that no matter how I feel….I always believe that tomorrow will be better.

And so it will. 


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