Random things in no particular order…

Well, let’s see…..what are things no one knows that you might find interesting??? I’m tired tonight, so…

 I was a MatMaid in high school. My mom thought that sounded awful, ‘you’ll ruin your reputation’ kind of thing, but all it meant was being a sort of pep club for the wrestling team–taping down mats, cutting up oranges, handing them towels, and cheering. And since we had a state champion in 1975, I’m still proud to have been a MatMaid.

 I don’t like pro sports. Could not care less about the SuperBowl, and all that. I do like high school football, but that comes more from memories of performing in halftime shows for so many years. Now that my honey plays vintage base ball, I enjoy the heck out of that, but it’s more like living history mixed with theatre. I also liked watching my daughter at her track events.

And…I do like a lot of sports-themed movies.

 I was baptized the same night as my brother. And we took driver’s training together.  We had a triple date the night of my senior prom: me and my fiance, him and his girlfriend, and two friends of mine. I miss being as close with him as we used to be, and I keep wishing that could change.

 I’ve had several jobs I really loved because I pushed hard to get them, being so sure I could do them and do them well even though I never had, before. This led to teaching aerobics, apprenticing as a floral designer, more than a decade as the camp head cook (which I returned to last year)  writing newspaper columns (which I would like to do again) and working as a diet counselor. And I loved being a bookseller.

 I could have had a live-in job working for Benjamin Bradlee and his wife, Sally Quinn, caring for their baby (who is no baby now, but healthy, happily married, I follow him on Facebook because I still feel sort of connected to him!) I gave it some serious thought, loving journalism and politics as I do–living in Washington was as energizing as only one other city I’ve known, and that is, obviously, NYC–but in the end, decided against it. Still, it’s nice to know how much I was wanted.

 I have faced down my own death. I will never forget what it was like, looking into the face of someone who wanted to kill me and so nearly succeeded. I don’t think I have ever fought so hard.

 I am manic/depressive (bipolar, it’s called now) and I lean more toward depressive, which surprises most people who know me. Conversely, I can be in a really black, bad place, but if I know you are, too, I can pull it together to help you so much you would never know how I’m feeling. And that’s what keeps me going, sometimes….if I can help ‘your’ hurt, I don’t have time to think about how ‘I’ hurt.

 I am trying to learn French, Italian, and Spanish…just because I want to. I listen to language CDs alone in the car, and I seem to have an ear for it, because the words are usually pronounced the way I think they’ll be.

My wedding band was a wide, heavy, carved Victorian design, made in London, a blend of scrolls and orange blossoms. When we were seeking what we wanted, we realized that I loved the floral designs and Gerald loved the scrolls; this pattern is a compromise, just as our marriage has been–something for you, something for me, creating an ‘us’ unlike any other. I  wore it close to 25 years, and never grew tired of its beauty. Funny though…Gerald’s identical band is worn almost completely smooth, the design nearly erased, and we can’t figure out why.

I lost it, and my engagement ring, the weekend we moved into this house. I still miss them, and have asked to have them replaced for our anniversary next year. 

I have never hit an animal when driving. I pray I never do. In the same vein, I detest hunting, have never held a gun in my hands and never will. And if you do, I don’t want to hear about it, sorry.

I like to cook for people, and I don’t mean just having them over to dinner. I mean making meals when someone is sick or just home with a new baby, things like that. When I was a rental agent and manager of an apartment complex in Kentucky, I spent a lot of spare time cooking for the freezer, and every time I rented a place I gave the new tenants a jar of homemade pasta sauce, a box of spaghetti, and a loaf of homemade bread.

 I like being given a book to remember someone by, because I like knowing my hands rest where theirs once did. Makes me feel closer to them. One of the worst losses I have ever known came from someone I trusted donating all the books she’d been storing for me….I lost irreplaceable things that had belonged to loved ones long gone. 

 I am never bored. There are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I like to do.

 I want to have a dollhouse and make every bit of furnishing, food, etc. that goes into it. A very dear friend gave me a kit to make the house, and a lot of furniture. When time allows, I’ll set it up on a table so I can work at it whenever I want, and not have to put things away in between. I’ve got all kinds of books for making miniatures. It’ll be a fun project and I want to be sure to add some touches that are distinctly Gale, in honor of that friend.

 I like to do the laundry. I LOVE hanging things outside to dry when I can. I like folding it and creating nice neat stacks of things. I don’t mind ironing, but I hate to put the laundry away.

 I have been a Marine fiancee and an Army wife. 

 I have only ever pierced my ears, just once. No other piercings. No tattoos. I took modeling classes when I was 21 and my teachers told me then that I am a ‘classic’ beauty, and I have held to that ever since. I don’t want to do anything to my body that I’d hate ‘when I am an old woman….’

 I have never tried drugs, and I get really angry when I hear people say that ‘you didn’t grow up in the ’70s and not do drugs.’

I wish my life included a few more black-tie events now and then, because I love dressing up that way and it’s been a long time since I’ve had such an occasion. 

 I had Legionnaire’s Disease…and lived to tell about it. 

 I love making people laugh. 

 I love snow days as much as any kid. They always make me want to bundle up and go out and play….and before this day is over, I just might. 🙂

Okay, YOUR turn!


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