For my friends Ken and Dave…..

They read yesterday’s prompted post (well, I think they did. Maybe they just saw the title and first few words. Not sure. Doesn’t matter) and suggested THIS:
Write a paragraph describing the moment you are in right now.
Then write one comparing and contrasting that moment with the previous moment.
And postulate on the next momentSo, because they are dear to me, whether being serious or totally tongue in cheek, I love ’em either way, and without further ado:Write a paragraph describing the moment you are in right now. I am sitting on my bed, surrounded by clean folded laundry (a preview of tomorrow’s task, lots of laundry, probably need to make more detergent, and some cooking to do, but currently I am not seeing any detergent bottles or food, so….but laundry, yes. There is always laundry to do.) The puppy (I have to stop calling him that, he’s five, it’s just that he’s a miniature Yorkie and so very small it’s impossible to think of him as a grown up boy!) is snoozing beside me, which is something he dearly loves to do. He is lying on his favorite blanket and I have tucked him in the way he likes best; all I can see are his tiny, silky ears.

I’ve also got stacks of books, and my Bible, and my prayer journal. More to do when I finish this. It is the way I like to begin and end each day. It makes me remember one of those homespun-looking kind of hangings we all had when I a teenager; in particular, the one I’m thinking of said “A day hemmed with prayer is less likely to unravel.” Words to live by! And because I’m finishing (please let me be finishing!) the cold that has plagued me for more than a week, I have got tissues, cough drops, Vitamin C drops, cough syrup….you get the idea. It looks like a pharmacy.

This room is more cluttered than it should be, thanks to that aforementioned cold and an absolute lack of any significant energy. But I am planning the week ahead of me, and actually looking forward to getting back on track with the to-do list. Today in the coffee bar at church we were all discussing how it couldn’t be possible that January was nearly half over already. I think last week’s blizzard got us all turned around in regards to time and all that. I’m looking at all I want and need to have completed before packing and moving North for the summer; it may seem as if I have months and months, but I bet they’ll be gone in no time at all. So I really, really want to be productive in terms of my writing and my housekeeping and all the projects I’ve set for myself to do.

Especially since sitting in this room reallyreally makes me want to paint the walls. I detest the current (mint green) walls. I want something kind of creamy with just hints of rose and peach, so subtle you won’t notice it until the bedding and curtains are changed, which I like to do for every season. My favorite color is blue and I have all this blue bedding and two different quilts that I love and have not used in the five years we have lived here, and slept in this green bedroom! The color I want to use will look wonderful no matter what I put on the bed. It has to happen. This year. Yes. (I won’t even go into the other thing I want to happen, which is to knock out one wall and turn the eaves into floor-to-ceiling shelves so we can eliminate a couple pieces of furniture and make the room look significantly bigger. But I’m not going to talk about that just now. Um……Oh. Yeah.)

Then write one comparing and contrasting that moment with the previous moment. Okay… the previous moment I was goofing around on Facebook (still too easy to do, but so much fun.)  And then I looked at the clock and realized I was going to need to wrap up my day pretty soon and had better get on with it! And I realized how everyone seems to be watching either the Golden Globes or Downton Abbey, and I didn’t care about seeing either.  I was realizing that I’ve got into the habit of using television as background noise. I never used to do that. I didn’t even have one all the years I was single, and I didn’t miss it. Music was my background, and I am thinking I’d be much more productive if I returned to that habit more.

And I was realizing I still need to wash my makeup off. It’s a never-ending and stupid conversation I have with myself. I like the way I look when I wear it. But I hate taking it back off, so then I don’t wear it regularly and I don’t like the way I look as much as when I do, so….yeah. Hey, I SAID it was a stupid conversation I have with myself!

And postulate on the next moment I am thinking of what exactly I need to do tomorrow. Laundry, yes, as I said, and possibly making more detergent. I want to make a treat for Knit and Purl class tomorrow night, and I need to make gingerbread so I think I will make a double batch and make some of it into cupcakes.  I need to peel grapefruit and fix some veggie sticks, because it’s too easy to eat the wrong things when I get the munchies. I need to call and schedule several medical appointments. Figure out what I’ll make for dinner tomorrow night.

And hoping I don’t cough too much tonight.

So, boys and girls, what have we learned from this? That I am a perfectly ordinary and probably boring person when I am just having a quiet, lazy afternoon (which is usually what Sunday afternoons are like, after church and lunch.) And I like it like that. And we have learned that I think I am funny even when no one else does. I am easily amused. Nothing wrong with that.

I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow. What matters to me now is that I am keeping up with the challenge to write 500 words a day. It’s not about being profound here, but about creating a habit I want to continue, for all the right reasons. 


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