More books read this year

Remember, I said next would be:

2) CHOSE THE WRONG GUY, GAVE HIM THE WRONG FINGER  by Beth Harbison (I was totally intrigued by the title.) I would like to read an earlier one of hers, WHEN IN DOUBT, ADD BUTTER, but the library doesn’t have it. So I’ll be on the lookout, as they say…

Well, I read it, but I can’t say I really liked it. I was aware of wanting to like it, but I was actually annoyed with her not being able to make up her mind which of the two brothers she wanted! I actually found myself thinking, ‘come on, come on….pick somebody!’ And there was language in it I didn’t like–not for the reason you’d think, as my next book choice will show in a minute–but because it seemed like the author threw it in just to punch up her manuscript. And you know I talk about things that jump out at you? If someone is always thinking “Oh, God…..” for whatever reason….CAPITALIZE it! It just doesn’t look right when it’s ‘oh, god.’

I did like the description of the wedding gowns she made. I might give this author another shot, but I’d page through another of her books first, rather than just going for the title. (That’s what I get for choosing books in a hurry!)

And because I have so far loved all things Jen Lancaster,  I devoured 

3) THE TAO OF MARTHA (My Year of Living, or Why I’m Never Getting All That Glitter Off of the Dog) by, yes, Jen Lancaster.

I. LOVED. It. I always do like her writing; reading her sounds like a conversation with an old friend. A sarcastic, smart-mouthed friend.  A sometimes really foul-mouthed friend, and though I don’t talk that way, I do have a few friends who do, so it didn’t bother me as it might have….it just seemed so….Jen. Not one who does it just for shock value, you know?

I first discovered her by way of her blog, and laughed so much when I was reading it that my boss wanted to know what was so funny. I have since read all of her books, both fiction and non. Kind of like ordering your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant: you know it’s going to be delicious.

The basic premise is that she decided to spend a year trying to outMartha Martha Stewart. And because there is only one Martha Stewart, she really can’t. But her efforts are good, and even when they’re not so successful, they’re funny. (If you can’t carve a pumpkin, cover it with glue and glitter!) I can’t imagine Martha Stewart melting a spoon into her Easy Toffee…or converting a gun cabinet into kitchen storage (maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine Martha with a gun cabinet.)

Don’t read it, though, if the soft story of an old dog fading into her sunset years will upset you too much. Do read it for the feeling of sisterhood when she writes about a suspicious mammogram.

So, here’s my attempt at some Jen-speak…..This? Right here? Is why I will continue to pick up every book she writes.  I do have another Jen Lancaster in my current stack of library books, but I’ll read something else first.

What are you reading? Do you read a lot of different authors and genres? Are there any you will not read, no matter what? Why?


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